Once you go to Bunting,
you won’t want to go
ANYWHERE else!!!!😉

-Kathy Cubby Culbertson

“They are much more friendly and helpful than the CVS I have been using. I would reccommend them to anyone interested in a more personal service.”

-Dave Folsom

“I have intractable epilepsy. In the past I have had issues obtaining my prescribed medication from other pharmacies but never with Bunting’s Family Pharmacy. I would never consider going elsewhere. Thank you!”

-Gianna Cone

“Love the staff at Bunting. Friendly and personable. They really make an effort to know their customers.”

-Kathryn Huemmer Sabatini

“Always very nice and very quick with my prescriptions as soon as i drop them off I have them in a minute or less. Seem like really nice, closely run, business/people.”

-Vinny Suarez